Posted by Google News on Monday, November 16, 2018 15:10:23The latest gaming console to come with HDR is the Nintendo Switch, and it looks like the console’s HDR support is coming to all the Switch’s display sizes.

The console’s HDMI-DVI port can be used for a display that can support HDR, and Nintendo has confirmed that it will support the feature on the next-gen console.

A new report by TechRadar reveals that the Switch will support HDR on its “next-generation” display.

The report indicates that the HDR specification is not yet ready for mass production, but it does confirm that the Nintendo console will support some form of HDR.

The new display specification is likely to see a launch with the Switch sometime in 2018.

The Switch has the potential to become the next big gaming console that will feature HDR support, and that’s because the system will be the first to implement a form of the technology.

The Switch’s new screen is actually a refreshable OLED panel that can handle HDR content.

The Nintendo Switch is not the first Nintendo console to use HDR, with the company already offering the Switch to users who pre-order the system.

The HDR specification has also been around for some time, with HDR being a key element of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 HDR TVs.

HDR content is displayed in a similar way to a natural-looking image, with a depth of field effect that makes images appear bigger and more detailed than other TV content.

HDR TVs have a built-in display that is capable of displaying up to six times the brightness of standard color television.

The fact that the display supports HDR is a major change for Nintendo’s Switch, which already has the same sort of native display technology as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The company has previously said that HDR will be supported on all of its Switch displays, though the new Nintendo Switch will be able to support HDR at a lower resolution than other displays.

The new Nintendo console is expected to launch in early 2018, though Nintendo has yet to announce a price for the system yet.