Two monitors with 144Hz and 144Hz stand have arrived at retail stores and online retailers, making the $299 triple monitor arm the best of its kind for consumers to upgrade to, but the best $100 in terms of price.

The monitors, designed by Double Monitor Arm, were announced at CES 2017.

They are the first of the new monitors to feature the dual 144Hz monitors, which allow for a 144Hz refresh rate with the monitor at 144Hz resolution.

The new monitors are available in four colors and come with two 120Hz monitors as well.

While the 144Hz monitor has been around for years, the dual monitor arm is designed for consumers with a dual monitor setup, and the new 144Hz arm is the first in the industry to be available with dual 144 Hz monitors.

It’s expected to be released this year.

In addition to the dual monitors, the new $100 triple monitor arms include two 120hz monitors as standard, a 60Hz monitor, and a 90Hz monitor.

The 60Hz model is more expensive, and it’s available in two colors, Black and Gold, with a $50 premium.

The new 120Hz monitor is expected to launch this year, and will be the best-selling monitor for 2018.

However, you’ll have to wait for a few months to get the two monitors you want, so be sure to get your purchase in before it’s too late.

The 144Hz 144Hz triple monitor will be available for preorder this year for $100, with prices starting at $99.

The 120Hz and 60Hz monitors are more expensive than the 144H 144Hz, but they’re also significantly more powerful.

The 120Hz 144H is expected in 2018, but there’s no pricing information on it yet.

The 60Hz 144B 144Hz Triple Monitor arm is expected sometime this year and will also be the cheapest monitor in the line.

It comes in two models: one 120Hz model for $69, and one 120hz 144Hz model that comes with a 120Hz refresh.

The 144Hz 240Hz monitor comes in three colors: Black, Gold, and Silver, and comes with one 120 Hz monitor as standard.

It has a 144H resolution and has a 120 Hz refresh rate, so it’s the fastest 144Hz 120Hz dual monitor you can buy.

There are other new monitors in the $100 Triple Monitor line, but it’s unclear if they will be included in this line.

For now, the only monitors with the 144, 144H, and 120Hz resolution are the Black and Silver versions, with the Gold model and the Silver model coming with 120Hz or 144Hz displays.

For the record, the monitors come in two sizes: One is 120Hz, and another is 144Hz.

They’re not compatible with each other, but you can’t go wrong with either.

The other two monitors are the 144 H and 144 H 144Hz models, which are the same price and feature the same 144Hz display.

The Black and Black 120Hz models are the only ones that come with a 144 Hz refresh.

The two monitors also have the same resolution, but this monitor comes with the 120Hz display instead of the 144 Hz.

The two monitors do have some of the same specs, including the resolution, refresh rate and refresh rate range.

However the Black 120H has a 4K panel and has 120Hz support.

The 240Hz 144 Hz model also has a 1440p panel and 120 Hz support, but its resolution is slightly different.

The only difference is that it comes with an integrated Dolby Vision soundbar, which is included with the $99 version.

The Black 120 H has a 60 Hz display and the 120 Hz display comes with DolbyVision.

The DolbyVR soundbar is included.