The new AMD Onn Display 3 monitor is coming soon to the UK, with AMD’s new baby monitor being unveiled at the E3 2018 gaming show.

The new Onn 3 monitor comes with 144Hz refresh rate, the lowest refresh rate available at the time of writing.

The panel has an impressive 7ms response time, so it should be easy to notice any stuttering or lag.

AMD is selling the Onn 2 as well, which has similar specs, but with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

The Onn display has a whopping 13-inch size, which is a big upgrade over the Onnm-based Onn Monitor, which can only be found in gaming monitors.

We haven’t seen any official news on the Onnan 3 monitor yet, so we’re not quite sure if AMD will release it on its own, or if it’ll be available for purchase.

We don’t expect AMD to release the Onnr 3, but AMD is certainly taking a cue from NVIDIA with its GeForce RTX 2020 and RTX Vega GPUs.

The company is currently shipping a $249 GeForce RTX Vega 60 graphics card with the Onnit 3.5-inch screen.

The new AMD Gaming Monitor is expected to be released later this year.