Alienware has announced the Alienware Dual Monitor Setup (BMS) with Alienware Alienware BMS, an Alienware dual monitor system.

The BMS is an integrated desktop and laptop solution with two external displays and a dedicated HDMI port, making it compatible with the AlienWare Alienware Desktop Pro and Alienware Evolve.

The dual monitors can be connected to the desktop or laptop through a USB cable, and each can be configured with an optical drive or HDMI.

Alienware is promising a range of performance improvements, including a faster and more flexible response time, and a new adaptive color management that will allow the display to change colors and brightness at the user’s discretion. is the exclusive source for more information on the BMS.

The Alienware 120hz monitor (left) and Alienware A-120HD gaming monitor (right) with their respective HDMI ports. Alien