By John W. Whitehead, Associated PressIn a recent report, the Concord Monitor Water Meter and Monitoring system, part of Concord Utilities, said it was failing to monitor the amount of water coming from the tap.

The water is being monitored for the second time this month.

A spokesperson for the company said the company has been working with state regulators to improve water quality monitoring in the region.

Concord Utilities is the owner of the Concord utility system and serves the City of Concord and the surrounding communities.

The utility has been operating under a water quality plan that has not been implemented since July, according to the company.

The monitoring system uses infrared sensors and LED light to monitor water level and temperature.

The system is equipped with a sensor that captures data on a single point, and is not able to capture more than about 10 millimeters of water.

The company has no estimate for how much water is in the tap, but says it expects to have a data logger in place by late September.