An Irish Skytrain tracker has been taken offline for safety reasons, after a man was injured by an air bag.

Key points:The man was in an airbag and was taken to hospitalThe incident happened in Dublin’s north on Sunday nightThe device is being tested by Skytrain and will be put back online in three weeksThe Irish Government is calling for more testing of airbags on SkyTrain and the National Rail Network (NRT)The man who was injured suffered serious injuries to his face and chest when he was hit by a SkyTrain airbag in the north Dublin area on Sunday evening.

A train travelling from St Mary’s station in the south to Ballymote station in north Dublin collided with an airbags at the station.

The train had just entered the station when the airbags were deployed.

The man in his 30s suffered injuries to both his face, chest and abdomen, while his wife, who was travelling in the carriages, suffered injuries on her leg and arm.

The woman was taken by ambulance to hospital and is currently recovering.

She was taken in stable condition to Dublin’s Royal Infirmary, where she is expected to be transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Skytrain said the incident happened on Sunday at around 9.30pm.

It said the man was not wearing a seatbelt and was in the airbag when he struck the air bag, which is designed to protect people from being thrown from trains.

It added: “This was a serious incident and the incident has been referred to the police.

This is an ongoing investigation.”

The man, who has not been named, is expected back in hospital on Monday morning.

An Irish Rail spokesperson said: “SkyTrain staff have a duty to investigate incidents of an unknown nature that may involve people or property and take appropriate action.”