When LG announced its newest smartphones earlier this month, we thought the company was planning a new flagship device, but then it seemed as if LG wasn’t even planning to make a smartphone this year, let alone a flagship device.

It’s been months since LG has released a smartphone, and it seems like we’re at a crossroads for LG’s 2017 flagship devices.

We know we’re going to see LG V20s, V30s, and V40s in the near future, but are there any other LG phones that are still in development?

We’re here to help.

Let’s dive in.LG’s new flagship LG V10 and V20 were the first smartphones to receive a camera upgrade.

They were also the first phones to get a full-size OLED display, and they were the only phones with a front-facing camera.

These upgrades were all a part of LG’s effort to push the company’s latest flagship to the next level, and LG has been steadily making the improvements to the V10, V20, and X5 lines.

However, we still have a few questions about LG’s LG V Series line.LG will officially release its first flagship LG flagship smartphone, the LG V60, on March 26, 2018.

LG’s announcement has not been confirmed by LG, so we’re only able to speculate on what we know about the LG flagship.

We believe that LG is planning to release an LG V series smartphone, but the company hasn’t officially announced the exact date.

It is worth noting that LG has already announced a new generation of the X5, X5 Plus, and Xperia X5 devices.

LG will also launch the LG G4 in 2019, the first flagship smartphone to be manufactured with an OLED display.LG has announced the LG X3 and LG X5 phones, which we know will be manufactured using the G4 chipset.

We also know that LG plans to release a new LG flagship device in 2019.

We don’t know when the LG W3 will arrive.

If you want to know when LG plans on releasing its new flagship phones, we recommend following this link.

LG is currently in the process of updating its flagship line with the LG E7 and LG E10, but we are not yet aware of the exact specifications of the devices.

It should be noted that the LG M9, the successor to the LG S7, will not be made available until the end of 2019.

LG does not plan on releasing a new G4 device in 2018, but it has confirmed that it is planning on releasing the LG Q8 sometime in 2019 as well.LG also announced its next generation of LG TVs that will use the G6 chipset.

These devices are also rumored to have a front camera, which means that LG could be looking at a front facing camera for the LG TV series.

The LG TV line is currently rumored to be made using an OLED screen, and there is also the LG Cinema TV.

The most exciting news is the LG T8, which will be the company, and not LG, that is expected to be the LG brand for the next generation LG TVs.

It could be that LG will unveil a new TV series sometime in 2018.

We don’t yet know when or if LG will announce its new LG TVs, but expect the LG lineup to continue to expand throughout 2019.

The company’s flagship LG G5 will launch sometime in 2020, and the LG C9 will arrive sometime in 2021.

The next LG flagship is expected at the end to be announced sometime in the second half of 2020.LG currently has a new range of smartphones available in its LG VSeries line.

These new smartphones will be powered by the LG Z7 chipset and the Snapdragon 835 chipset.

This new chipset is rumored to come with a full 5GHz LTE band.

The new LG G7 will be unveiled sometime in early 2021, and we expect to see a new OLED smartphone in early to mid-2019.

LG has not officially announced its new line of LG smartphones, but a leaked image of the LG D10 shows that the smartphone is expected for sometime in mid-2018.