After a long wait, “Rogue 1” is finally here!

The film, directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Felicity Jones and Diego Luna, is expected to hit theaters on May 16, 2019.

But this isn’t the first time that the character of Darth Vader has popped up in the galaxy far, far away.

Edwards’ previous films, “Jedi” and “Avengers,” have featured the Emperor.

“Rogue” will take place more than four decades after the events of “A Jedi of the First Order,” and it will feature a whole lot of characters from the prequel trilogy.

But what about the original trilogy?

That’s where Edwards will go off the rails a bit, and he’s going to introduce a whole new generation of characters to “Rogue.”

For starters, Edwards will introduce new characters that will be more than just “spoiled brats.”

He’s going all out to make the film more accessible to the younger audience that “A New Hope” was trying to reach.

As I mentioned before, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy is also going to use this film as an opportunity to promote her upcoming film “Rogue Legacy,” which she co-wrote and stars in.

So Edwards will have a lot to prove for this one, especially when it comes to the franchise’s legacy.

It will be interesting to see how he handles this new generation.

As the film opens, the new Jedi, Mace Windu, is being held prisoner by an old Jedi named Ahsoka Tano.

He’s being tortured by a Sith named Darth Vader, who is trying to force him to kill Skywalker.

In order to save his life, Tano goes to Vader, and the Sith tells him that if he kills Skywalker, he’ll die too.

And if he doesn’t, Vader will give Tano his lightsaber back.

So the two of them go back to the planet of Endor, where Tano’s father, Lando Calrissian, is a bounty hunter.

He tells the two Jedi that he wants them to join him and his fellow bounty hunters on a mission to rescue Luke Skywalker.

After the Jedi destroy the Imperial Death Star, Vader takes Tano to a cave, where he gives her a lightsaber.

And when Tano tries to use it to kill Vader, she kills him.

But as the Death Star explodes, the two heroes escape.

The two heroes head to the Rebel base on Geonosis, and find the last Jedi alive.

The Jedi are still trying to figure out who is responsible for the destruction of the Death Empire.

They come upon the planet that Tano is on, and they are joined by a group of rebels called the Resistance.

When the Resistance learns that Tane is the Resistance’s new leader, they take her to a Jedi Temple on Geomar, where she’s taken captive.

She’s being held captive for several years, until she finally reveals the truth about Vader.

Tano agrees to help the Resistance find Luke Skywalker, and she also joins the Rebel Alliance.

But Tano isn’t in good health.

She has a brain tumor that she’s been battling for years.

She’ll have to keep her powers up to survive for the rest of her life.

Edwards, who was originally hired to direct the movie, also has to fight to keep the movie from being a ripoff of “Star Wars” for the younger fans.

He said that the main reason for the change was that he wanted to give the new cast more of a sense of freedom.

But he also said that Lucasfilm had to make some sacrifices for the film to work.

The main character is Darth Vader.

So if he can’t be redeemed, the film will be a rip-off of him.

And Edwards said that it was important to him that he had to go beyond the basic concept of the original film.

Edwards said, “The movie has to be more original than the first one.

We had to come up with a way for it to feel like it was a whole trilogy.”

Edwards added that there were a lot of challenges, but he thought the movie was “truly original.”

Lucasfilm has already made some changes to “Star War,” but “Rogue is not the first film in the franchise that has to adapt the franchise.”

The movie will be completely separate from the “Star Trek” universe.

The film will have its own canon and will be very different from any other films in the “TNG” or “DS9” universe that have been set before “Rogue.

Edwards told reporters at the press event that he was going to make sure that “Rogue’s” story will be unlike any other Star Wars movie.

Edwards also mentioned that he’s been working on a new novel that will tell a “new story of the galaxy.”

The new novel will focus on the history of the planet Geonosian, a place where the original Star Wars films took place.

Edwards mentioned that it’s a long, rich story, and that