Dell computer monitors are expected to sell for as much as $7000 this year and possibly more, according to analysts at Wedbush Securities.

The company said on Tuesday that it expects its Dell Computer Display, a 15.6-inch model, to sell at least $4,000 on the first day of trade.

Dell is a major supplier to the smartphone market.

The Dell Computer Desktop Monitor, which is larger than the Dell Computer Monitor stand, will sell for about $1,000, Wedbush said.

Dell also expects its computer monitors to sell faster than their Apple and Dell competitor’s.

The Apple Macbook Pro, which features a touchscreen display, is selling for more than $1.1 million.

Dell said that the new computer monitors will be offered starting next month in three flavors: the desktop, a tablet and a convertible.

The desktop will have an 11-inch display, the tablet will have a 13-inch screen and the convertible will have 15-inch.

Dell expects its new desktop and tablet models to be sold faster than Apple’s and Dell’s.

The new Dell computer models will also have a more advanced display that will offer up to twice the brightness of the current models, Dell said.

It also expects the new computers to have better performance than the current Macbook Pros, Dell added.

In addition to the new Macbook, Dell is also offering a new laptop model that includes a 15- and 15-incher.

It’s a cheaper model, Dell noted.