i got the walmart monitor for $300 and the monitor mount is for $30, but i got a few monitors in the box as well.

 the walmart monitors are a 1440p model with 144Hz refresh rate, and a 120Hz model.

the gaming pc monitor has a 144Hz display, and it’s not a 1080p monitor, so its a 720p monitor.

i think the price is the only thing that matters for the monitor, but it’s nice to have a gaming pc with a 1440 resolution, and also a monitor mount.

this is a nice deal for a monitor, and theres no better price around.

if youre looking to buy a monitor for a gaming PC, and youre willing to shell out the cash, then this monitor is a no brainer.

its a good monitor.it’s a 1440×1080 resolution monitor,and it’s very well built.

it has a very wide viewing angle, so it looks good in a wide variety of rooms.

the monitor has the built in speakers and audio jack, so you can get pretty loud.

theyre both 1080p and 144Hz, so they should be great.theres also a good value for the money.

its a good price for a 1440 monitor, with a 120 Hz monitor in it.the monitor is also a 1440px resolution, so thats also a very nice resolution.

you get a nice screen with a 1080 pixel resolution,and you can use it for gaming, watching movies, and listening to music.the price is good, too, and its a lot less than buying the monitor in full size, which could cost you $600 or more.it comes with a great looking monitor mount that will work on almost any wall mount.you dont need to spend any extra to mount it to your wall.the screen is also wide, so if youre playing a game, youll be able to see your character, even though its not on the screen.

there are two mounts, one is for the 1080p model, and one for the 120Hz.

when you get your monitor, youre also getting a mount for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

the bluetooth mount works great, and i use it all the time to log in to my PC, or to get back to my console, and have my mouse and keyboard in my hand.

and theres also the optional monitor mount for $35.

these monitors are great for gaming or watching movies.they’re not going to be as good for use as a monitor on your desktop, but they’re a nice option if you need a gaming monitor for your PC.if you are looking for a 1080px monitor with a 144 Hz display, but are not sure about the quality of the monitors youre buying,then youll want to pick up the walmer monitor instead.

waltmart is offering a bundle for this monitor, that includes the monitor with the mount and the monitors mount.the walmer monitors are 1440px, and theyre a great value.the bluetooth monitor mount works on almost all wall mount PC monitors, and if youve got a good looking monitor, its a great option.if theres a good 1080p display youre happy to buy.the 144Hz monitor is going to work great on most PC monitors.if its a 120hz monitor, it isnt going to last long.the wall mount is nice and wide, but youll need to use some elbow grease to get the monitor to work with your wall mount monitor.the monitors are good for gaming.they have a wide viewing angles, so even though they are 144Hz youll still be able see your characters and other objects well.the resolution of these monitors is great.youre getting a 1440 pixel resolution display, so that youll see more of the game and it will look good.the 120Hz monitor will work well on most monitors, especially the ones with screens that are 1080px, but thats just my experience.the 1080px display works well for gaming and movies.the 1440px display will look nice on your TV, and works well on a monitor.youll need some elbow and elbow grease for this, but its a nice product.the mount works fine, but if you are using the monitor on a wall mount mount, it will not work with the monitor.if there isnt a mount available for this model, its probably a good choice for someone who has a 1080 monitor in the room.the prices for these monitors arent that bad.the quality of these monitor mounts is good.they do a good job of connecting to your PC, so once you get them youll have good performance.the speakers are very nice, and when plugged in, they sound great.they also have a microphone jack, which