Which is better: the $1,400 Predator Monitor or the $400 Sony XB270H4?

The Sony XA270H3 and XA260H4 are great options for gaming, but they’re not as versatile as a triple monitor.You can go for the cheaper XB271H4 if you’re a gamer, or you can go with the $4,000 XA272H4 for an IPS monitor.Here’s a look at which one is best for you.Read moreThe XB273H4

Why is your PC’s water monitoring failing?

By John W. Whitehead, Associated PressIn a recent report, the Concord Monitor Water Meter and Monitoring system, part of Concord Utilities, said it was failing to monitor the amount of water coming from the tap.The water is being monitored for the second time this month.A spokesperson for the company said the company

What is the best gaming monitor for your budget?

Curved gaming monitors have always been popular among PC gamers, and with good reason.Curved monitors offer a wide viewing angle that’s great for people who prefer a wider viewing angle

How the Blood Sugar Monitor Works

The Blood Sugar monitor, a technology created by Philips, monitors blood sugar levels in the blood, so it’s more accurate than blood tests.It measures the amount of glucose in the

How to watch your children monitor their monitor, baby monitor

A baby monitor that monitors their screen for errors and mistakes can be a useful tool in your family’s life.A baby monitors can be used in the following ways: The monitor can be placed directly on a child’s lap or head, or in a childs play area, or placed on a bed,

When are the LG LG V30’s official debut dates?

When LG announced its newest smartphones earlier this month, we thought the company was planning a new flagship device, but then it seemed as if LG wasn’t even planning to
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White computer monitor lizard pet ‘best monitor arm’

Costco monitors are the new standard for people buying computers and monitors, but some people are concerned about the potential health risks associated with these expensive products.In March, a survey