By Andrew HarnikA few weeks ago, I went out to a restaurant for lunch with my wife and two-year-old daughter.

My daughter was excited to try the new Ozone monitor.

She had been given a new monitor that was in the box and seemed to be working.

I tried to get her to tell me how to adjust it, but she just looked at me with that same smug grin she had for weeks before.

But then, I heard something in her ear.

She screamed.

“Don’t do that!”

I yelled.

“I know!” she shouted back.

“Don’t touch that!”

I knew that I was going to have to tell my daughter the exact opposite of what she had told me earlier.

I had just gotten my first blood oxygen meter and I wanted to use it to get the most accurate reading possible, but I knew it would take a while to get it calibrated and it would be expensive.

That was not the case, however.

I figured the time was right to get a new sensor, and so I picked up the Ozone monitoring system from Amazon.

I was happy to see it was in stock, and I figured that it would fit in a standard Ozone case, which I would need to buy.

As I walked out the door, I turned to my wife, who was still in the kitchen.

“What do you want to know?” she asked me.

“It works!”

I smiled at her, and she said, “But it’s not perfect.”


I looked at her incredulously.

“It works?”


It works!””

Then it works?” she repeated.

“Then it doesn’t work?”

I smiled again, and this time, she burst out laughing.

I knew she would be shocked.

I walked up to the counter and grabbed the OZone monitoring system.

“Here, this is for you,” I said.

“This is your new OZone monitor!”

She took it and looked at it.

It was in a bright greenish color, but not as bright as the picture on the OZones website.

She took it into the kitchen and sat down on the counter.

“What do we do now?” she said.

I told her I would call her back in a few minutes.

I called the OZA website and then I called my husband.

We were both stunned, but we were able to understand the situation.

I took the Oza monitor and I asked her what I should do.

She said that she should not touch it.

I asked what she could do about the problem.

She asked me to check it out.

I did that, and then she was ready to go.

I set it up, and it was working great.

The Ozone monitors are very simple devices.

The only thing you need to do is attach a small power cable to the sensor and you can hook it up to your car, bike, or whatever else.

It comes with a few different colors and you also get a few options to make the device more user friendly.

The thing about the Ozzies is that it works with all sorts of different air purifiers, so you can get the same readings with different filters and different brands.

It also comes with an optional sensor that has a button that can be pressed to switch to a different monitoring program.

I like to use the Ozies sensor as a monitor for my kids when they are playing outside, because they can read the oxygen levels in the air at any time.

I love them.

I even use them for measuring my own pulse oximeters.

The Ozones have been around for over 30 years, and their current price is around $80.

You can get them online at Amazon, and you should also check out their website for the Ozo.

If you have questions about the new sensors, please feel free to comment below.

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