TechCrunch reader Justin Suggs has sent in some screenshots from an AT&S (NYSE:T) customer support forum for a Comcast (NASDAQ:CCV) video-cable box and a Verizon (NASCV:VZ) video monitor.

AT&ts customers will be able to get a Roku-like box and Samsung TV as well, but the monitor isn’t listed on the site.

Both boxes will come with a set of free Wi-Fi, and they’ll also include a Roku remote, USB charger, and two USB ports.

The Comcast-branded box will be sold through Verizon’s website.

A Verizon customer who has the Roku-branded unit and the Samsung-branded one will get a free Roku channel for two years, plus a Roku app that lets users stream the cable box.

The other two boxes will be offered through Comcast’s website, but they don’t include any apps.

Comcast has previously announced plans to add streaming video to its existing video-delivery network, but it hasn’t said anything about a Roku box yet.

The company has been testing out the Roku app, too, and will reportedly introduce an app for its Roku channel next month.

Comcast customers who buy an AT & T or Verizon-branded video-controller will get the Roku remote as well as an AT-branded Roku remote.

The Roku app will let users stream video to the Roku box, while the Roku channel will let you stream content to the box.

It’ll be available on Android, iOS, and Windows phones, too.

Comcast’s Roku channel app is designed to allow Roku users to view video from its video-services providers, but no pricing information is listed.

The device will be available in April for $69.99.