I’ve always been a fan of the Dell 4K monitor, but that isn’t the only reason I bought this unit.

It also has a 2,560×1,440 resolution, a pair of 3D speakers, and a USB Type-C port.

The Dell’s speakers are really good, but they are very loud, and I found them to be a bit on the harsh side, even with the 3D speaker set up.

The speakers are not quite as loud as the Acer’s speakers, but I found myself enjoying the sound they were giving off more.

The Acer’s monitor speakers are more powerful and can be used to better reproduce sounds from the laptop and monitor.

But the Dell’s sound is more accurate, as the speakers are much more detailed, with less harshness.

The monitor speakers also have Dolby Digital Plus sound, which is something that many laptops don’t have.

I was able to test the Dell 3D monitors using a pair and found them very good, with a very good punch to them.

The audio quality is also quite good, and the speakers sound quite crisp.

The sound of the speakers is a bit lacking, but not much.

For example, I found the sound of my right ear to be more muffled than the left, which I found annoying.

There is no audio distortion when using the Dell monitors, so I could play games comfortably and I didn’t hear any earplugs.

The monitors also offer USB-C connectivity, so you can plug them into a PC and charge them from a USB-A port.

It is possible to connect an external USB-HN cable for charging.