As soon as I heard the news, my first reaction was “It’s coming!”

It sounds like the beginning of a wave of consoles coming out, and I’d be the first to admit I’m a little skeptical.

The fact is, while the Apple TV has made a splash lately, it’s still a very niche product.

But I don’t know if the hardware is good enough for a mass market.

And if you can get a TV that can handle 144hz with a decent sync rate, it can be a very powerful platform.

For me, the next big thing in gaming is an Apple TV, and Apple is taking the opportunity to show off some of its latest tech.

The next wave?

Aoc monitor and gaming techThe Aoc Monitor is an ultra-slim 4K gaming monitor that has a native resolution of 1440p and a native refresh rate of 120Hz.

It comes in at $249, and its a good deal, considering it’s a $100 price tag for the monitor.

The specs include a 144Hz refresh rate, 10ms G2G latency, and an integrated USB 3.0 port.

Aoc’s goal with the monitor is to get people playing games at 60Hz on a 4K monitor, but it’s not without issues.

It can’t play 4K videos, or games at full-resolution at the 60Hz refreshrate.

For games, it has a max resolution of 720p, which isn’t ideal for high-definition displays.

It also can’t support up to a 2.4K monitor with an 8K panel, which can only be supported with 4K monitors.

This means you’ll need a 4k monitor if you want to play a 4:3 aspect ratio game at 60fps.

It’s not that the Aoc doesn’t have support for a high resolution monitor, it just needs to be a 4×4 option.

You can get this resolution in the $200 Aoc Pro, which is a $130 upgrade over the AOC Monitor.

But the specs are a little bit different.

The Aoc will not be the cheapest 4K resolution monitor available, but at $199 it’s probably a better value than most.

Aoc monitor specsThe AOC AOC is designed to support 1080p resolution, so it’ll likely support at least two 4K displays.

AOC says the Aecon AOC will be a perfect match for a 4-5K monitor.

AECON is a new company that’s making a few of these monitors, but AOC has built its product around the AECon Aoc, a 4.5K resolution display.

This will likely be the future of gaming monitors, and it’s already been in the market for a while.

The company says it will offer two monitors, both at 4K resolutions, and that’s not bad considering how expensive most 4K screens are.

That means you can use up to four 4K display setups with the Aucon Aoclink.

It will also support the Aoclio X, which will be compatible with a 3D display.

The Aoclios X will cost $199.

It features a 5K display, and will support up-to-10 simultaneous displays.

The screens will be available at the end of June for $250.

The specs are pretty impressive.

At the moment, there’s no word on pricing or availability for either of these new monitors.

We’ll keep you posted on the AClosics as soon as we hear anything.