Apple’s latest iPhone X model is expected to launch in December and is expected at launch to be Apple’s most expensive smartphone ever, according to new pricing estimates.

The pricing estimates are based on the iPhone XS Max, which is currently selling for $1,699.

That price point, however, is a significant drop from the $1 in April when Apple first revealed the iPhone 8.

In April, Apple offered the iPhone 7s for $999 and the iPhone 6s for a slightly lower $1 more than the iPhone Plus model, which launched in late November.

The new pricing model for the iPhone 9 could potentially lead to the company announcing new models in the coming months, as well as some significant discounts.

The iPhone X will be the first iPhone to feature an OLED display, which Apple claims to be the most energy-efficient and energy-saving form of display in the industry.

It will also be the highest-end iPhone to offer a new curved display.

The company also claims to have reduced the amount of space used by the screen by up to 45 percent, while the iPhone’s battery capacity has been doubled, with a claim that it will last a year on a single charge.

The company has also promised to improve the power efficiency of its phone, by up the energy density of the battery and by adding a new LED backlight.

The iPhone X and iPhone X S Max will cost $1.49 and $1 of that will go toward the iPhone upgrade program, which allows customers to get an upgrade to iOS 11, Apple’s next version of iOS, for $99.

It’s worth noting that the iPhoneX and XSMax are also the only new iPhones to be announced this year.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will also come to market later this year, which comes after the company announced a new version of the Apple Watch on November 9.