Acer’s newest IPS monitor for $299 has the potential to revolutionise the gaming industry.

The 27-inch Acer Predator X34 offers a stunningly bright, vibrant image that rivals some of the highest-end gaming monitors in the market.

In fact, its brightness and colour reproduction are as good as most monitors we’ve tested.

Acer says it’s the only IPS monitor on the market with the ability to deliver this level of image detail.

It’s also the first monitor on this list to offer the full HD resolution of 1920×1080.

The Predator X 34 offers 4ms response time and 0.15ms response times, making it ideal for gamers and people who want the smoothest gaming experience possible.

The monitor also offers an IPS coating that is superior to conventional IPS displays.

This gives it an exceptionally high contrast ratio, which means that the monitor’s colours are not washed out by the darker tones of other screens.

We tested the Predator X on a range of monitors, including a 24″ Dell XPS 12 and an Acer Predator XL 27″ monitor.

The IPS monitor is rated at 100 cd/m², a rating that puts it at the top of the IPS market, and it’s also brighter than the other IPS monitors tested.

The Acer Predator XT 27″ also has the same IPS coating, and we compared the panel in this monitor to a range we have tested before.

We’re pleased to report that the Predator XT offers an even better picture quality than its cheaper cousin.

The resolution of the Predator is the highest we’ve seen on an IPS panel, and the IPS panel delivers excellent colour reproduction.

We also found that the Acer PredatorXT has an even more lifelike appearance than other IPS displays we’ve used.

The glossy surface of the monitor gives it a soft feel, and its black bezel helps it to look less intimidating when used with a mouse or other controller.

Acer has a wide range of products for sale in the US, but we have found the PredatorX to be the best value on the entire Acer line.

It offers excellent colour accuracy, excellent colour fidelity, a great price, and a great display.