Samsung has announced the 4K gaming monitor it’s launching at the New York Consumer Electronics Show.

The new monitor, codenamed “Mii Gaming”, will be available starting on March 17.

The Mii Gaming 4K 144Hz monitor uses the same 4K panel as the Mii Pro, but the monitor has the additional benefit of being compatible with Amazon’s 2K 144hz HDR HDR video and video playback capabilities.

There are also features like adaptive refresh rate, and a wide gamut of HDR-ready colors.

Samsung also says the monitor is capable of “a new level of immersive gaming” at 60Hz with no stuttering, and is capable to support 4K video up to 60fps at 144Hz.

The monitor is expected to be priced between $599 and $799.

There’s a bit of confusion surrounding this monitor’s specifications, as it has been widely rumored that the MII Gaming will have a higher refresh rate than the M3, which is also expected to come with a 144Hz panel.

Samsung’s new Mii 4K monitor will be launching at an exclusive price of $799 on March 18, and it’ll be available at a few different retailers as well.

Check out the Samsung Mii gaming monitor specifications below:Specs:Size: 5.1 inches, 144Hz, 50Hz refresh ratePrice: $799 for the 2k 144-Hz monitor, $699 for the 4k 4k-144Hz monitor(subject to change)Amazon LinkSamsung Link