Walmart monitors $2,000 more than the New York Giants.

That’s $10,000 per player, according to NFL Media.

The Giants have one of the league’s top-rated offenses, but the Cowboys, Seahawks and Falcons are the only teams to average more than 30 points per game.

They rank fifth and sixth, respectively, in total offense.

“It’s the best deal,” said NFL Media analyst Dan Graziano, who is an analyst for ESPN.

“That’s why the Giants have to go into the draft at a premium because they have to be competitive.

They can’t compete at the highest level without the best monitors.”

But that premium comes at a cost.

The NFL Network, which is owned by ESPN, has no minimum price for its monitors.

The cheapest model for $749.99 costs $1,000.

It also has a wireless charging pad, a built-in battery and a built in remote.

The wireless charger costs $30.

The pads and wireless charging pads are available for $59.99 and $79.99.

“We think Walmart will be able to compete with the NFL Network and the NFLPA, and we think they will be willing to compete,” Grazio said.

The average price of a wireless charger is $99.99, according for a wireless battery.

The price of the wireless pads and battery is $79 and $129.99 respectively.

The prices are based on a $7,500 minimum contract.

The network and the players are negotiating a new minimum contract that is expected to be announced this week, according a person familiar with the talks.

The league and the player reps are also expected to announce new deals with new wireless charging companies.

The players will also begin negotiating new contracts with wireless charging products, the person said.

“The NFL and the [NFLPA] are going to be in a really tough position,” Gazio said, adding that the players’ current contracts will expire after this season.

“If the players want to keep playing and have the best deals possible, they have two choices: They can either renegotiate their contracts with these companies or they can find new contracts for themselves.”

The Giants’ contract with the wireless charging company expires in 2020.

“Walmart is one of those companies that just has a better product than any other company in the NFL,” Gazziano said.