The dark money campaign monitor, set up to track and block political donations, is at the centre of a battle to protect Australia’s political system from the threat of money laundering.

Key points: The AFP’s $500,000 campaign monitor is funded by donations made through the ‘dark money’ scheme.

It is part of an initiative to tackle corruption in politics, including corruption in the media.

The watchdog is funded through a $500 million grant from the Australian Federal Government.

The AFP’s campaign monitor has been under fire since it was revealed last month that it was using the money to pay staff and campaign staff.

Key points:The AFP is using the funds to pay staffers and campaign workers in a bid to prevent corruption in political fundingSource: ABC News | Duration: 00:59:15Key pointsThe AFP will also be using $100 million of the money for a national election-monitoring fundSource: Australian Federal Election (AFP)Topics:government-and-politics,political-parties,government-in-andoverland-6718,australiaFirst posted March 12, 2019 16:55:49Contact Peter WrightMore stories from Australia