A new baby monitors is coming to Wal-Mart stores, and it’s a pretty big deal for the retailer.

The Walmart UltraSharp 360 monitor has a screen resolution of 4K, with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, and features a 4.2-inch IPS panel.

The monitor’s pricing, starting at $699, is more than double what the Dell U2413H ($599), the LG XQ28L ($649) and the Samsung U2816H ($999) are on Amazon.

And you get a lot more than just a screen: it has a backlit keyboard, and comes with an optional wireless remote for $29.99.

This is the third monitor that Walmart has announced for the holiday season, and the first one to be announced in 2018.

The UltraSharp display also includes support for Dolby Vision and supports up to three HDMI inputs, so you can use the monitor to watch movies and TV.

There’s also a “HD-Audio” feature, allowing you to connect the monitor with a computer for a sound system, and a built-in USB port lets you charge it from your phone or tablet.

Walmart says the UltraSharp monitor will be available by the end of the year. 

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