If you’ve got an Android device and a Google Play Music app, you might have noticed that your music is synced and played over Bluetooth.

This is great if you want to keep a running list of all your songs on your phone, but if you’re streaming music to your Android phone or a tablet, it’s not a great idea.

A simple Bluetooth connection won’t let you see your phone’s music tracks.

So, to keep things simple, here’s how to setup an Activity Tracker on your Android device.1.

Install the Activity Tracker app on your device.2.

Open the Activity Monitor app and then go to Settings.3.

Select “Settings.”4.

Click “Bluetooth.”5.

Set the Bluetooth connection to your phone.

If you’re playing music from a Google Music account, set it to “Music from Google Play.”6.

Connect your device to your computer and open a command prompt on your computer.7.

Click on “Android Device.”8.

Type the following command into the command prompt:adb devicesadb shellGet the list of devices connected to your device:adc deviceslist.adbGet the count of connected devices:adcdc devicescount.adcdsdevicesadcdbget the count in MB:adbt devices count.adbtdevicesadbtsource The Huffington Press1.

Setting up an activity tracker for Android is a good first step to make sure your phone can play music from your computer without you having to sync it.2,3.

There are several other Android apps and websites that you can use to track your phone or tablet’s activity.4,5.

Check out the Android app manager for more information on these apps and sites.6.

If your activity tracker shows up on your watch, check out this video tutorial.7,8.

Check our roundup of best Android Wear watches.9.

Keep an eye out for a Google Now alert if you get an SMS notification.

It’s a way to notify you that you’re connected to the Google Play service.

If you have questions about the Android Activity Tracker, or want to set it up on any other Android device, we’d love to hear from you.

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