Dual monitor setups are a new trend that is popping up across the NHL.

For instance, some teams are looking to use a pair of monitors to connect to a single HDTV.

These dual monitors also offer better resolution than a single monitor.

However, they are not as easy to setup as a single screen setup.

The NHL is trying to address this issue by introducing a second monitor setup to the league.

This is known as a dual monitor system, and it can offer up to 2 screens.

This setup is also more convenient and less expensive than a traditional dual monitor.

This second setup will also include a second HDMI port.

This HDMI port can be used to connect the HDTV to a third monitor.

A third monitor will provide additional connectivity and a better view of the game.

The third monitor is called a dual HDTV, and the HD is called the monitor.

The new setup is a bit different from the previous setup.

Instead of a single HDMI port, the new setup has two HDMI ports.

One HDMI port is used for connecting the HD to the second monitor.

The other HDMI port supports the third monitor that has been added.

This new setup works great if you are trying to connect multiple monitors to the same HDTV without the need for additional cables.

The dual monitor setups come in a variety of sizes.

Some dual monitors can be as big as 7 feet tall.

Some double monitors can sit at the side of the HD and connect to one of the other two monitors.

You can also use one of these dual monitors as a standalone setup.