Watch the Weather Channel (WTC) will not be continuing with its current deal to carry Weather Channel programming after all.

The network will be moving to its own network in the fall, NBCUniversal said Tuesday.

That means viewers won’t be able to watch the Weather Network anytime soon, but they will still be able watch it on its other channels.

“We’ve been working with our partners to identify a way forward for WCT,” NBCUniversal CEO Michael Dell said in a statement.

“This is the right way forward.”

Watch The Weather Network will air on NBC’s NBCSN, NBC Sports Network, NBC News Channel, NBC’s “Today” show, and NBC’s YouTube channels.

But the Weather channel is not the only weather channel that will be shutting down in the coming months.

The Weather channel will be ending all of its Weather Network coverage, according to NBCUniversal.

“WTC will be closing its Weather Channel and will no longer carry the Weather Group’s Weather Channel, as well as the Weather and Sports Channel, in the Fall,” the network said in its statement.

The channel will also be shutting off the website.

A full list of the Weather channels’ current or planned changes can be found on NBCUniversal’s Weather website.

The weather channel is owned by Weather Channel.