What if a game about the internet were on Netflix?

Netflix has made a splash in recent years with shows like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, but its most popular shows are still the popular series, Orange

When will Apple’s Siri get an iPad Pro?

Apple’s latest iPhone X model is expected to launch in December and is expected at launch to be Apple’s most expensive smartphone ever, according to new pricing estimates.The pricing estimates

Cheap 4K Monitor Deals

The next generation of gaming monitors are finally here!From $400 to $800, there are some very good bargains on the market.We’ll look at the top deals for these monitors, which
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Samsung 4k 144Hz Monitor is Now Available at Amazon

Samsung has announced the 4K gaming monitor it’s launching at the New York Consumer Electronics Show.The new monitor, codenamed “Mii Gaming”, will be available starting on March 17.The Mii Gaming
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When Apple’s iPhone X will arrive, it will come with a new camera and a new home button – the first step in Apple’s strategy to expand the iPhone X’s camera capabilities

A new report from Axios claims that Apple’s next iPhone X phone will include a new 16-megapixel camera and home button, and that the phone will ship with a brand

How to buy a black throat monitor for a 4K monitor

4K monitors are the latest trend in home theater.They offer a lot of high definition picture quality and great audio for your PC.Unfortunately, they’re not cheap.While they’re relatively cheap, they

What’s the future of gaming computers?

The future of computers is here, and it’s pretty good.And, in a few short years, it will be even better than we imagined.The Globe and Mail’s The Future of Gaming

Why HP’s ‘HP Monitor’ is so damn cool

The HP Monitor is a premium gaming monitor that offers some of the best gaming experience you can get.We’ve been using it for over a month and we can confidently