Summer baby monitor, a gadget made by a Bangalore-based company called Summer Monitor, has made the internet a little more accessible.

The product is the latest product to emerge from the makers of the popular smartphone app, which was launched in June, and has already caught the attention of techies from across the globe.

The Summer Baby Monitor app allows users to set the display brightness level for their smartphone, as well as monitor the battery level and the temperature of the screen.

It also has a built-in temperature sensor.

It has been downloaded more than 4 million times and can be purchased for around Rs 20.

The app uses Google’s Android and iOS operating systems.

Its makers have been working on the app for over two years, but have now launched the product to the public.

The app was launched with the launch of the Indian Summer festival in March.

The team behind the product is based in Bangalore and have created an app that can be accessed from the Android and iPhone app stores.

It features a variety of apps that can help you stay informed about the Indian weather, and also shows the weather forecast and the current temperature.

Users can also control the screen brightness levels using the screen’s touchscreen.

The Summer Baby monitor has also got the ability to send and receive notifications from your phone via SMS or email.

The company is also hoping to get a major foothold in the emerging markets such as the US, China, South Korea, Japan, South Africa and Brazil.

Summer Monitor has been a success so far and is aiming to make the product available in more countries in the near future.